Great Memories…What I Miss the Most…

I don’t know that there is any one thing that I miss the most about you, but there are so many wonderful qualities of you that I miss each day….Here are some of those things:

img_3408I miss making you mashed potatoes.

I miss your love for those who seemed to be the most broken.

I miss buying two gallons of milk a week because it was your favorite thing to drink WITH mashed potatoes.

img_3402I miss your white blonde hair as a child.

I miss your blue eyes that stood out with that white blonde hair.

I miss watching TV with you and laughing at stupid movies….like Step Brother…or Dumb and Dumber.

I miss watching sports with you. I could always count on you to know that stats…who was who…and how many years ago the team in question beat the other team. You were the sports GURU…you were the go to guy when it came to any sports trivia.

img_3401I miss your love for Duke basketball. You were a die hard fan…and you were never a fair weather fan….You hated fair weather fans.

I miss your love for the underdog…I still remember your response when App State beat Michigan state…

I miss your laughter…it was so unique…I can still hear it. It was different when you were a child than when you were an adult…in both cases…it was heart-warming and always made me laugh and smile.

I miss watching you play sports….basketball…baseball….I was always your biggest fan and always will be.

I miss the fun we had at Christmas together. You LOVED Christmas….the spirit of Christmas….the joy of family being together.

img_3342I miss seeing you in tie dye.

I miss your love for the outdoors.

I miss hearing you talk about the music you loved…even though it drove me a little crazy at the time. I would give ANYTHING to hear you talk about your music.

I miss sitting on the porch with you….

I miss your hippiness.

I miss your humor…and our unique bond that allowed us to share sarcastic family humor with each other.

I miss your carefree, hippiness.

I miss seeing your long hair.

I miss being able to message you on FB or to text you…to call you…to FaceTime you anytime I wanted to…

I miss the love you held for your family.

I miss going to the beach with you.img_3410

I miss sitting on the couch with you…laughing and talking about nothing.

I miss hearing you do imitations of famous people…especially Arnold Schwarzenegger…you were SO good at impersonating him.
I miss hearing you and Zach laugh and talk in the back of the car.

I miss hearing you and Taylor argue….amazingly enough, I would love to hear you guys argue…at least you would still be here.

I miss hearing you talk about your day…even if it was a bad day…I would give anything to hear about your bad day.

I miss what we won’t get to experience together….marriage, grandchildren, college graduation…

I miss watching you and Taylor sleep.screen-shot-2016-09-23-at-8-58-22-pm

I miss what your future might have held, even though I don’t know what it held.

I miss your love for Thanksgiving…the food and your talk of the food coma after the family dinner.

img_3421I miss your love for skateboarding.

I miss seeing you and Taylor play together.

I miss having you, Taylor, Katie, and Sarah all together.

I miss your beautiful smile.

I miss watching you and Taylor sleep.

I miss all of those things…but what I miss the most….is not having you here with us.


You are missed every single day in so many ways…..

I love and miss you son.


Please post about what you miss about Aaron.



4 thoughts on “Great Memories…What I Miss the Most…

  1. I miss hearing your crazy stories while sitting in the mags.
    Having a cold one with you after a long day of work and hearing your jokes.

    I member that’s night on duty when I really first got to know you and was there in medical looking after you.

    You were like a little brother to me and I was so happy to serve along with you.

    I miss you bro

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